Notes from Michelle, New Year’s 2020

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Happy New Decade! The boys and I had a great time at our 12th Annual Benefit Concert for We played to a sold-out audience, threw down lots of Detroit Rock & Roll and made a lot of little wishes come true for some brave kids dealing with serious illnesses.

After a 2 month hiatus, we are busy rehearsing to get back into the studio in February & April to record a double album of original songs. Think acoustic, folk/rock with a 70’s vibe. I’ve been holding on to these 21 songs and we are ready to go. As always, we love being together at Pine Mountain Studio, nestled in the mountains of Alexander Valley. It’s a treat to unplug from every day life and give 100% attention to the music. It is magical and a total blast with my band.

We will do a couple of photo shoots with my friend & photographer, Robbie Sweeny, & shoot a video of the session, so that you can all see what it takes to make a record. My videographer, Chani Bock, is the newest member of our music family and it’s a pleasure to welcome her. And of course, I want to mention my amazing set designer, Leah Real,  who makes magic happen every year.

I’ll be in Paris in May, September & mid-December, NYC in April, Detroit this spring & summer and Hawaii in the Fall. I do most of my writing while on the road, so I look forward to all the travel.

Graham, Jeremy & I will go into the studio early summer to record a second record, just the 3 of us, similar to GOING HOME, with some of my all-time favorite songs.

SAVE THE DATE, December 3rd for our 13th Annual Benefit Concert at 142 Throckmorton Theater. This year we will support and It will be an honor making money for and get food to people in need as well as supporting who help put smiles on the faces of so many sick kids who have more courage than most grownups I know.

Please follow me on Instagram @michelleschmittmusic and stay in touch via my website to get up to date info about future events. And remember, that every sale of my music on all platforms will go directly to these 2 important organizations.*

As always, I am beyond grateful that I get to make music, share my music with my incredible family of musicians & all of you, and make the world a little better place while doing what I love

God bless,

Michelle Schmitt

Sausalito  February 2020