Christmas on Pine Mountain

The idea for this Christmas record came to me as I was going through a box of old ornaments, remembering the happy Christmas memories of my childhood. I can still see my parents working hard to give their five children a magical Christmas. My Mom and Grandma started baking early in December and my Father began singing & playing Christmas songs on Thanksgiving Day and did not stop until New Years Day. My brothers, sister and I started to feel the excitement of Christmas by the smell of cookies baking in our house, the Christmas lights strung up all over and the music playing day and night. “Angels in Trees” is for my family. Christmas music makes me think of my Dad. I will always remember the songs we sang on those long Sunday drives in Michigan. “Christmas in Killarney” is for him especially. “Pine Mountain Lullaby” is for my husband and two sons who bring me constant lessons about the importance of family strength, love and commitment. For the listener, I hope the songs I’ve written and recorded bring you a bit of holiday cheer and some happiness in your heart. When I think of Christmas I always remember my Grandma who put enough love in my childhood to sustain a lifetime. Please remember that every CD purchased will help the people involved with Meals on Wheels in San Francisco. Spread the love…Merry Christmas.

Love, Michelle


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