Opened Letters

“Opened Letters” is now available on all platforms. These are special songs that I have waited to record since our world changed so much. It was wonderful to be back at Pine Mountain Studio with my band. I missed playing music with this amazing talented group of guys.

I wrote some of the songs in Paris where I am always inspired to write, some were written in the last year and a few songs further back. I am happy to share them with you. All of the songs on ”Opened Letters” hold a special place in my heart. The title track was written the evening before I drove up to Pine Mountain Studio to join my band. I had just discovered a box of letters that had been missing for the last 40 years, since I moved from Detroit to San Francisco. It was quite astounding to go back and look at the letters, notebooks and other things I found… so many memories.

Because of the personal nature of this record, I asked the band to play the songs and then said goodbye to them. And then on a cozy day with just my lead engineer, I sang the songs alone in the studio, adding minimal harmony here and there when I felt the song called for it. It was a very quiet, reflective and peaceful vocal session. I hope you enjoy “Opened Letters” and can relate to some of the feelings expressed in my songs. Thank you for listening to my music. I’m forever grateful.


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