10 Years of Benefits

A special thank you to my band, and entire team, for making our 10th Annual Show a sell out success. St. Mary’s was well received and everyone at the show had a blast… but in the end, the guys and and I had the biggest blast of all.  Save the date for December 5th, 2019 for next year’s benefit.

Detroit Girl too has Arrived!

I decided to record “DETROIT GIRL too” because making “DETROIT GIRL” was so much fun and it is impossible to capture the sound of Detroit in one record. “DETROIT GIRL too” is a love letter to my hometown and all the incredible music I grew up listening to.  My hope is that you enjoy listening to “DETROIT GIRL too” as much as we enjoyed recording it. With much love to you and to Detroit for all it has given me.

DETROIT Girl LP Coming June 1st!

Think Detroit classic rock & soul comes together with a fire and fury that comes from years of singing it, sleeping it, dreaming it. Detroit Girl is the most comprehensive and FUN record out in a long time. Michelle Schmitt, born and raised in Detroit, knows how to rock it loud, sing it sweet and funk it up like no other; she’s been doing it since there were real garage bands.

 Latest Album, St. Mary’s

This is Michelle’s most important and personal record to date. She spent three years writing these songs and each one tells a story that expresses the depth of her heart, feelings and observations about how she and other people live and the choices we all make in the moments that count the most. There is a theme of love, incomprehensible betrayal and loss, the stages in which she was able to let go and accept difficult challenges.

Notes from Michelle, Summer 2019

I had an memorable three weeks in Paris in March/April and found our 2020 venue at the historic Le Boule Noire, which is part of La Cigale, at Boulevard de Rochechouart near Place Pigalle, in the famous Moulin Rouge district. I was also in Paris when the Notre Dame fire happened and saw how amazing the Parisians are when it comes to true love for their city. I will be back in Paris doing small acoustic shows in the fall and look forward to it.  Paris is like a second home to me and a place that I truly love. In March, the boys & I had an absolute blast making “Detroit Girl too” and we are excited to play it at our upcoming 2019 & 2020 shows. Along with Detroit Girl, this special set of songs will make our shows hard to sit still at! Think old school Detroit Rock & Roll & Detroit Soul, with a twist. We have already booked our 2020 show in my beloved hometown Detroit at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on October 22, 2020 (save the date, Detroit)  which has a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to bring the band back and show them how we do music in Motown. We are also booked for our annual year end concert at The Throckmorton Theatre in Marin County on December 5th, benefitting Little Wishes.  While some of the guys are out doing individual projects this summer, Graham Patzner, Jeremy Lyon & I are recording an acoustic record in mid June. I look forward to sharing this stripped down, close to my heart, very personal record with you. The idea for this project came to me while I was getting ready for my 1st of a few trips this year back to Detroit to see my family and to fill myself up with the love & fire that is in my fellow Detroiters. Many of the songs on this record will be played for the first time at our Detroit show. After we finish the summer record, I will go back to working on finding a 3rd location for a new recording studio in Sausalito. Along with Pine Mountain Studio and our Sausalito studio, we will build a new, larger, state of the art, studio in 2020 with the intention of opening our doors to Bay Area musicians who would like to record their music and are looking for an affordable high tech, as well as analog studio, in a beautiful setting by the San Francisco Bay. Our studio in San Francisco was opened for the sole purpose of providing an exclusive studio experience, but with a sliding scale to accommodate all budgets, and we will continue our tradition and build a very special environment for creativity and mentorship, with access to amazing instruments and equipment, as well as talented engineers and producers. Look for news of that in the future. But for now, I wish you a great summer. It’s the season to enjoy the sun with family & friends.

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