Another Winter

There’s no hiding from the longing, the hope, the heartache and the truth expressed in Michelle’s November 2008 release, “Another Winter.” Reflecting life’s dramatic transitions, and inspired by her gift of using music to help discover the most important and hidden feelings many of us have in our hearts, Michelle’s songs navigate through the emotions of life’s challenges in a poetic and honest way. This important musical tapestry finds Michelle’s heart and spirit soaring to new heights. At the same time, soothing, velvety, potent and heartfelt, this is a musical journey that is well worth sharing. Michelle’s songs tell stories that capture the hope and healing that we all experience in our quest for love and belonging.

Because Michelle has lost people that she has loved to addiction, she wrote one of the tracks “These Little Pills” to try to help people find a way out. Please pass this song on if you think it will help anyone you know.


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Click here for lyrics and a free download of “These Little Pills”