To Remember You

To Remember You was officially released at our 2014 annual benefit concert! This holiday record is dedicated to the memory of her dad, who she lost early this year. Along with co-producer Ricky Fataar, George Marinelli, Marc Levine and Chris Carmichael, Michelle has created a modern holiday record with some old standards treated with a creative twist as well as some of Michelle’s beautiful new original songs that will remind you of the sweet things about the holiday season.

Michelle’s approach to writing songs straight from her heart is magnified in this record. You will be transported on a journey of old memories that will warm your heart and open you up to the wonders and magic of this holiday season. This year 100% of all proceeds goes to ExtraFood, an organization in Marin County committed to getting food to those feeding the hungry. So buying the record will be good for your heart and feed someone too. The perfect holiday gift!

When asked what sparked the idea for doing this 2nd holiday record, Michelle says “My dad loved Christmas. He loved listening to Christmas music. He loved teaching his 5 kids Christmas songs. He loved ice fishing, fruitcake and snow camping and untangling Christmas tree lights while singing Christmas songs. He loved everything about Christmas, especially the celebration with our family. He worked hard and taught us all how to work hard. He was a great dad and grandfather. He taught us that family is everything. Sometimes I can’t imagine how I will go on without him and then I think about him singing songs like “Silent Night” and realize that the best way I can honor my dad is to work hard, put out this 2nd Christmas record to help feed the hungry, and to keep doing what I do…love my family and friends, keep making music and be of service to my community. I wish you a happy holiday and the kind of love my dad had for me.”

To Remember You
In memory of my dad, Robert Charles Greening
June 17, 1935- February 24, 2014


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