Late Tonight

LATE TONIGHT is a huge departure from my past work, but all about where I come from musically. You will hear influences from Detroit rock & soul to California folk/rock to harmonic touches from my travels as well as lyrics that look at what and how I see the world.

My new CD includes songs that I’ve written on my annual trips to Paris. Getting away each September to my “home away from home” helps me look at life from a different perspective. This record is all about the “beauty in the breakdown”. It’s about saying goodbye to relationships that no longer work, expressing how we feel in our life…love, anger, joy, reflection, honesty, regret, gratitude, changing the way we wished things could be, starting over in a new and better way. Looking out, looking back…and of course letting go of the things in life that stop the happiness and joy. It takes courage to look at these things and even more to change them. This is what LATE TONIGHT is about.


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