Think Detroit classic rock & soul comes together with a fire and fury that comes from years of singing it, sleeping it, dreaming it. DETROIT Girl is the most comprehensive and FUN record out in a long time. Michelle Schmitt, born and raised in Detroit, knows how to rock it loud, sing it sweet and funk it up like no other; she’s been doing it since there were real garage bands. Michelle and her well-seasoned band had a blast making this record and you can hear the love and cohesiveness of these long time friends playing music together. Schmitt wrote special tracks for this record and put her stamp on some of the best rock & roll classic songs…most that “girls” weren’t supposed to sing in the 60’s & 70’s. She honors her Detroit roots in every song and wrote a special anthem for her city, “Detroit City“. This is a MUST HAVE record to add to your collection of rock & roll music.

Calling All Proceeds!

I’m a small Indie label, with a BIG LOVE for my hometown. I have lots of history in DETROIT. My Grandpa was a Detroit Redwing, my Dad worked for J.L. Hudson’s for almost 3 decades, my Mom was a nurse at St. John’s & my sister got her medical degree at Wayne State. I have so much history & love for my hometown and my band & I will keep doing what we can to assist Detroit, so please help me by sending ideas/suggestions for grassroots organizations that are doing something to bring back Detroit. Anyone know anyone at SHINOLA? That’s where this record could help make some money to do something for our city. I wrote a special song called “Detroit City” which should make this record a heartfelt and financial success for Detroit. 100% of all proceeds will go to help some special people doing what they can for Detroit. Please send me your ideas…where could this money be best used? This is a chance for small organizations to get some assistance and the proceeds with all go to our fair city in perpetuity (forever!)

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Michelle Schmitt


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