Home is a milestone release for Michelle Schmitt. Written and sung from the most personal recesses of her huge heart, this powerful and courageous album explores the pain of love and the exhilaration of meaningful friendship, with many surprising steps along the way. Michelle’s is a musical journey that’s meant to be shared and which is designed to inspire all of us to find our own way home.


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Brilliant!!! What a powerful album! Michelle Schmitt is a beautiful artist with a soaring voice. At the end of the day I will spin this record and chill into the night. Simply wonderful!

I LOVE this record Someone in SF told me about Michelle and I bought this record. I LOVED her voice and was touched by her songs. Her voice is like velvet and I found the smooth vibe of her songs relaxing and they really touched my heart. I related to her message of love and all the facets of it. She is amazing and really seems to have experienced life and love. I was also impressed with the guys in her band. Ricky Fataar on drums…impressive! She reminds me of Natalie Merchant and Sade, except a more modern sound. I recommend this to anyone looking for a new favorite woman singer/songwriter.

Home Great record-loved it. Put it on and listened start to finish. Songwriting is solid and production is very smooth. Highly recommend it.