Covering Life

The idea of Covering Life came to me as I was listening to some songwriters I admire and their poignant ideas about life’s joys & heartaches. I called my friend and band mate Ricky Fataar and asked him to co-produce this record with me. The band consisted of Ricky on drums, piano, percussion and guitar, Paul Tyler on vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, Marc Levine played violin and Alicia Legget was our flute player. Aaron Burnham recorded and mixed the record.

If there is one thing I want the listener to know about this record it is that it was made with so much devotion to kindness. Life presents challenges every day and I believe that it is up to all of us to make these hardships mean something. I hope this record comes to mean something to you and that you will think of the people you love and the people you have lost and send some kindness out there.

In Loving Memory of Paul Tyler

It was with deep sorrow and shock that I learned of Paul Tyler’s passing late Easter night. From this moment on, 100% of the proceeds of Covering Life will go directly into The Noah Tyler College Fund (for Paul’s 10 year old son).  To purchase Covering Life please buy it via the PayPal button below, so that the funds go directly into an account set up for The Noah Tyler College Fund.  I will be gathering many of his other musician friends for the benefit concert. Please keep an eye out for more information about the concert.

Click here to read more about my friend, Paul Tyler.


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Song List

  1. Fall Apart Again
  2. Love Hurts
  3. Goodbye
  4. Helplessly Hoping
  5. Until I Die
  6. Long Ride Home
  7. Circle Game
  8. I Want You Back
  9. Love ain’t for Keeping
  10. State of Mind

CD Credits

Produced & Arranged by: Michelle Schmitt & Ricky Fataar
Engineered & Mixed by: Aaron Burnham, Pine Mountain Studio, Alexander Valley, Ca
Mastered by: Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine
Artwork & Design: Molly Tuttle Design, Laurel Canyon, Ca
Cover Photo by: Danielle Rubi-Dentzel, Paris, France
Inside CD Photos by: Kelsey Cunningham, Harrison Street Records, San Francisco