St. Mary’s

This is Michelle’s most important and personal record to date. She spent three years writing these songs and each one tells a story that expresses the depth of her heart, feelings and observations about how she and other people live and the choices we all make in the moments that count the most. There is a theme of love, incomprehensible betrayal and loss, the stages in which she was able to let go and accept difficult challenges. What makes her music so special, is that we all go through these hardships and tests at some point in our lives. but Michelle puts these life experiences into songs that help get her listener’s through those tough times as well as help experience the joy of living a life of honor and gratitude.  “Integrity is what we do when no one is looking”. This is Michelle’s creed. Not only a prolific songwriter who helps us understand what it means to stay strong and persevere no matter what is happening, Michelle has a capacity for love and generosity that does not falter in her music or in her life.  In “St. Mary’s”  Michelle goes back to her roots in Detroit and and walks through her childhood, reflecting on where she came from and where she is today and everything in between. It is with the hindsight of age that she can look back with objectivity at her life. The cover photograph shows the snowy streets of Royal Oak, Michigan that hold some of her fondest memories, spending time with her Grandma (her house is pictured inside the CD and LP)  who’s love has lasted a lifetime for Michelle.  “St. Mary’s”  also tells the stories of what it is like to lose so many people that meant the world to her. She went back to Michigan with her photographer the week after finishing recording “St. Mary’s” to capture the feelings of the record and to chronicle where her most important years were spent. Michelle’s dear friend and photographer, Danielle Rubi, captured sacred moments like the inside left cover shot when Michelle went to the grave sites of her beloved Grandparent’s and Mom. The actual disc and LP photograph is taken inside St Mary’s Catholic Church where Michelle was baptized, where her parents were married, where she went to school, spent the best days of her childhood hand in hand with her Grandma, and where she said good bye to her Mom…all captured in the title track called “St. Mary’s. This is a record reflecting Michelle’s happiest and most innocent early years,  all the time lost through hardships and coming through those difficulties to still have a heart filled with love and gratitude for all the blessings in her life. The song “Before I Die”  is an anthem to what she plans on doing for the rest of her life, and the listener will hear the stories of letting go of relationships that she thought she would always have.  As always with Michelle’s music, 100% of all proceeds will go to ExtraFood who help feed the hungry.


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