Being Here

Being Here

“Being Here” is a project near and dear to my heart. The 70’s Americana vibe is deeply rooted in the music I grew up listening to in Detroit. I am sure I spent everyday after school learning the songs of Joni Mitchell, CSN & Y, Buffy St. Marie, Carly Simon, Arlo Guthrie, Carole King, etc. The songs on “Being Here” came from my observations in my own life and those of people around me. Watching a friend go through an unimaginable loss, feeling the joy of a love so pure, saying goodbye to someone I loved deeply, saying hello to a new life, standing up for what’s right and saying goodbye to what’s wrong…being present in each and every day…and being grateful for all the blessings…these are the songs on “Being Here”. I would love to hear what these songs bring up for you.


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Song List

All songs written by Michelle Schmitt.

  1. Being Here
  2. Love
  3. Tumblin’ Down
  4. Can’t Live Without You
  5. Pretty Words
  6. We Keep Missing Each Other
  7. Trying Too Hard
  8. Anywhere With You
  9. If I Knew
  10. Hurricane

CD Credits

Produced & Directed by: Michelle Schmitt
Engineered by: Aaron Burnham, Pine Mountain Studio, Alexander Valley, CA
Mixed by: Harrison Street Records, San Francisco
Mastered by: Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Portland Maine
Art Direction: Molly Tuttle Design, Laurel Canyon
Photography: Danielle Rubi-Dentzel, Paris