Michelle’s Benefit Concert Featured in the Mill Valley Herald

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Feed the hungry with a benefit concert


By Cari Lynn Pace Marinscope contributor Nov 30, 2016

ExtraFood.org might be amusingly considered Marin County’s “Robin Hood of Food.” The non-profit weekly “rescues” tons of excess food from upscale restaurants and supermarkets and distributes it to those in need. Volunteers respond when excess food, prepared or ready for cooking, is available for the taking. They pick up from restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and markets and quickly deliver it to senior centers, homeless shelters, and other needy and hungry organizations.

ExtraFood.org has a fundraising champion with Bay Area singer/songwriter Michelle Schmitt. Schmitt will perform a benefit concert with her band on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. Come rock with the music and work off those Thanksgiving calories.

Celebrity Chef Heidi Krahling, of San Anselmo’s Insalata’s Restaurant, serves on the ExtraFood.org board and is thrilled with her years supporting the program. Krahling says “No waste, no hunger, that’s where we’re going!” Krahling will cater a pre-concert reception for VIP ticket holders.

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