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Michelle and HSR on Stark Insider TV (VIDEO)

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In this episode of Stark Insider TV, Loni Stark visits the studio of musician Michelle Schmitt. Watch as they discuss the creative process, using music as an outlet for sorrow and grief, and the trials and tribulations of making it in an unapologetic industry.

“I’m so grateful. Because a lot of people don’t have the chance. I did music as a young person. Moved to California. Did the mom thing. And thought that was a part of my life that was no longer going to be there. And it’s [her music career] just started.”

It’s an understatement to suggest singer-songwriter Michelle Schmitt is in the midst of a creative renaissance. Music careers like hers are not supposed to happen like this. Or so goes the conventional wisdom. In a world of Justin Biebers and Miley Cyrus’, she’s turned the teen-star phenomena on its ear. The new formula: Start a family first, and then bootstrap your music career.

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